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Dave Newsom


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SW Lake, Weston

A Good Day on Weston - SW Lake 03/09/2019

Fished Weston-SW Lake on Saturday 3/9 P.M. Weather was warm, but a strong wind from the west made fishing a bit challenging. Water was fairly clear with 1-2 ft. visibility. We managed 4 fish in the 3-4  lb. range all on junebug-colored baby brush hogs. These were all near the brush piles on the east side of the lake. Towards the end of the day, the temp was dropping and we decided to head for the truck. Along the way, we stopped to fish one last brush pile, which produced a new PB for my wife. This fish weighed in at 9 lbs and 11 oz.

Thanks to Kit Carson for his good advice on fishing this property.



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Steve Carpenter

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Great catch. Congratulations


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Mark Daugherty


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Dave - thanks for sharing the pic.  What a fish.  And your wife's smile is what it's all about!




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Bob Scheidemann

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Great pic! Congrats on your wife getting her personal best! What a great looking fish!



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Greg Almond


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Nice work!!!!!