Mar 13 2019 #1

Ron Wood


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WINDY @ 6-0

Well I’m sorry to say the weather forecasters got it right today. We had 30mph+ winds after the rain storms this morning. Whitecaps and 1 foot rollers all day. Never took the boat out it was just to dangerous. The water is deep green and vis was down to 2 ft. Caught 1 fish as I crossed the walkway to the boat house on a chrome/blue rattletrap, unfortunately that was the total catch for the day. The fish was beautiful and healthy but nowhere close to spawning. Water temps around the boathouse was 51*, the wind and wave action mostly likely contributed to the cool reading. The roads down by the water front were sloppy from the rains and I didn’t want to be stuck way out there so I opted to play it safe today. In hindsight I should have rebooked for next week but I couldn’t get those pictures of big girls swimming around out of my thoughts. You can see the weeds down in 5-6 ft water but not quite to the surface. Good luck to everyone as you venture forth, stay safe.