Feb 10 2019 #1

William Fetech


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Gallant Elm Creek Ranch, Medina

Come rain or sleet . . The bsss still bite

Fished Gallant Elm Creek the afternoon of Feb 8th. 


Caught about 10 with one over 16”. 




- lake is completely full

- clarity to at least 5 ft

 - water temp 53

- air temp 33-47

- light wind

- mostly cloudy 


Last week I was watching Jimmy Houston’s fishing show and he said each time we fish most likely each of us use lures and techniques we are familiar with. He challenged everyone watching to try a new lure/technique each time we fish. 


I tried that with a jig and a drop shot. 

I not used either of these for several years. 


I was successful with the jig, weighted senior w/ spinner tail, and a shallow diving crank. 




Feb 10 2019 #2

Steve Carpenter

Slot Fish

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Thats pretty good considering the conditions. Good luck on trying new techniques. I think I experiment around too much sometimes instead using methods that I know work for me. But, it is fun to explore different ways to catch fish. Used  a lot of swim jigs this last year which was pretty new for me and had pretty good luck.

Have a great year.