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Danny Renfro

Slot Fish

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Slow go at 10-10

Fished 10/10 with a buddy.  Was excited for the warm weather. Fished both  Home place and hawg trough.  Fishing was slow.  Caught 12 fish total over a day and a half.  All were nice fish.  The biggest was 5.3 with 2 over 4lbs.  And the rest between 2 1/2 & 3.  Couldn’t get on a pattern.  Was looking for a big bite, but never found it.  I think we were a couple weeks early.  Threw everything at em’. Of course the accommodation’s were great.  Craig’s a generous host, he is always a phone call away with anything.


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Tom Dillon


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Still not bad at all for this early, Danny. Just gotta make that one cast. It’ll happen.