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Bob Scheidemann

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Rock Chimney, La Grange

Fair Winter Afternoon at Rock Chimney 1-7-19

Fellow member John Shepard and I arrived on the property just before noon and were greeted by Mr. Stanley and his wife who were just on their way out! We had a nice chat and exchanged best wishes for the New Year! 

Experienced overcast skies with a slight south wind for most of the afternoon. Water clarity approx 1’ after recent rains. Water level up as well. 

Fished from both the bank and kayak. This usual gem of a property tested our patience! We threw everything and we each caught 3 LMB over a 5 hour period. All six were healthy and ranged between 16-18”.

No strong pattern established. Caught one on a chatter, two on a T-rigged craw, two on a dropshot stetup centipede/fry style plastic and one at the end of the day on a buzzbait.

Great to be out of the house, tuning up for the prespawn!