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Mark Palovik


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Malouf Lake, Lancaster

Nice Day in January

Jackie and I had a fun day out at Lancaster.  We did manage to catch a few on Jigs and worms.  Would suggest 4 wheel drive for a bit it is quite muddy.

Also if headed to Lancaster like to suggest a little cafe at airport.  Food was good and lots of small planes taking off and landing.

Not many days in January that are 67 degree   and light winds.  We fished out of our kayak.


Jan 07 2019 #2

Chris Haller


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Haha…...you got the day I wanted.  Just kidding. 

My son and I went to Malouf Lake yesterday (Sunday).  Got to the lake around 1 pm and it looked like Galveston Bay.  1-2 ft swells.  That may be an exaggeration but definitely "white caps".  Was watching the weather leading up to  the weekend and almost decided against booking but we had such a good time there 2 weeks ago we decided to go try it again.  We beat the west bank (provided a good wind break) from the launch up to the first point with no luck.  We took it back to the launch for a power nap and to wait for the the wind to lay down towards evening.  Around 4:30 it got calmer so we were able to drift the north end and managed to pick up 2 dinks on trigged senkos.

We found some black Velcro rod straps at the launch.  If you dropped them, I'm happy to mail them back to you (or anyone else reading this report that dropped them).

Also, as you mentioned, 4x4 is highly recommended for the road down to the lake.  When it's dry, a 2 wheel SUV would be fine but after some rain you could have problems.