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Joe V. Smith

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Twin Lakes, Ben Wheeler

Twin Lakes 11/2/18

Reservation Number : 19758
Property Name : Twin Lakes
Reservation Date : 11/02/2018 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 16
Lures Used : tx rig flukes chatterbait

Fished all day Friday 11/2/18. Both lakes were very dingy with visibility to 18". After a rain Wed it was no problem getting to both lakes with a two wheel drive vehicle.

Started on the East Lake and picked up nine before noon. The bass were not close to the shore line and nothing on wt less dingers in the grass or timber. Nothing on a chatterbait. Everything out ten yards or more fishing deep with tx rig paddle tail and 4" tx rig wat/seed worms.One on a drop shot wacky. Most fish came on the timber side of East lake. When I went to the West Lake Fished from the dam     back to the launch area and only picked up three small bass. Went back to the East Lake and got 4 more.Total everywhere of 16 bass.