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Bob Gage


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MK Ranch, Athens

Almost had a contest story

Reservation Number : 19714
Property Name : MK Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/29/2018 PM - 10/29/2018 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 9 up to 3.6 lbs.
Lures Used : swim baits

Wife and I fished 10/29.  Great afternoon, beautiful location with lots of color in the timber surrounding the lake.  We keep things pretty simple as we like to throw paddle tail swim baits.  Easy to fish, not many hangups.  Fished these for 3 1/2 hours until 6 pm in several different colors.  Caught 9 with 6 harvested.  I caught numbers, my Zebco-only sweetheart caught size.  She started with a nice 3.6 lb pretty quick after we started.  We had graduated her up to an Omega reel and her inept fishing guide (me) must not have screwed it down as tight as needed on the rod.  She hooked into a monster.  I turned to get the net and heard her squeal.  I looked around and the reel had come off.  It was pulled to the first eye on the rod.  She held the rod and I cranked on the reel as we tried to keep pressure on the fish.  This actually worked for quite a while.  Clarity of the water was about 4 feet, so we got her close enough to see.  I was applying the hand over hand method by this time.  She saw us, found a good, submerged stump, wrapped us around and was gone.  They always look big in the water, but she was really a nice fish.  Got everything rigged back up and she hooked another.  This one went immediately went under the boat and broke her off on the aluminum pontoons.  All were caught on the south side behind the houses.  If we could have landed the big fish, I would have entered the story to the contest.  Marriage is still strong as ever, but wife is in the market for a new guide! Will definitely be back to MK Ranch. 

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James Stewart

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Bob, don't know about you, but if my wife ever loses a big fish, or hits a bad golf shot, it's always my fault.  


Would have loved to see a video of the rod and loose reel; that had to be a riot.