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Fun and interesting day April 19, 2018

We just had a beautiful day on the water at Athens MK Ranch. Clear skies, light breeze and clear water to 5 feet or more.

Fishing was slow with only 7 fish caught, using Senkos and a weighted Super Fluke. No action with topwaters. Two dinks harvested. Fish caught were mostly males who seemed a little beat up from spawning. All were scrappy and fun to catch. Most were caught on the Fluke including a 5-pounder, next to a large stump near the bottom. It's interesting that the two previous fishing reports for this lake mentioned catching fish along the bank behind/between the two houses and also in the stumpy upper end of the lake. We caught only one in there and 6 others along the opposite shoreline. So the moral of the story is to fish wherever and however you think best and don't be locked into previous success reports.

Here's the 5-pounder:

The most “interesting” part of our day was the 5-pounder had a surprise for us. After I removed the Super Fluke, I noticed another hook, a worm hook, sticking out of her gullet. It wasn’t stuck in her stomach so I was able to easily remove it with some fishing line still attached!

I’m sure she appreciates not having it in her gut anymore, but as my wife said, it didn’t seem to effect her appetite any. lol


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John Hufstedler


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Thanks for the report.  I agree that past success (or failure) is no guarantee of the same results.  Also, kudos for removing the hook.