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MK Ranch 3/3/18

went with fellow PWF member Darryl to MK Ranch on Saturday 3/3/18 for a full day of fishing.  We used a hand controlled trolling motor and the pontoon boat.  There is also a jon boat available, but the pontoon worked great.   Weather was clear and 40 degrees in the morning, but warmed to 70 in the afternoon with a few clouds floating by.  Winds were calm early and late, but gusted up to 15-20 mph during the day.  The water was 58 in the morning, and up to 62 in the afternoon.  it was clear up to 4-5 feet, and was running out the overflow due to all the recent rain.


fishing was sporadic throughout the day.  we would catch fish for 30 minutes or an hour, and then nothing for 2 hours.  white was the color of the day.  Darryl caught fish on a white yellow magic, while my bone one was ignored.  we caught fish on white crankbaits, while red and green ones were ignored.  we caught fish on white flukes, but nothing on watermelon.  we ended up with 30-35 fish with the biggest at just under 4 pounds.  most of the fish were 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and very healthy.  even the 5 that we harvesting were just under 14 inches.  when i cleaned the 5, 2 of them had eggs, and 1 of them was very close to spawn.   we checked for nests, but saw nothing.  once again, the best area was the bank behind the houses.  i don't remember catching anything on the opposite side.


nice day to be on the water; wish we would have found some big girls.  


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