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James Stewart

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MK Ranch, Athens

MK Ranch, Friday 11/3/17

Took a day off and went to the new property last Friday, 11/3/17.   Easy to find and get to, but i struggled launching and especially retrieving my RT188.  The sand on the dam area where you launch is very soft, and my 4wd truck just kept digging without getting traction.  Took me 45 minutes to get out, but at least i didn't get stuck.  Just wanted to warn everyone that a boat any bigger than mine would not be an option.  I checked out the pontoon boat that is there, and it is a very good option if you have a trolling motor.  It has padded seats and an anchor with a hand winch; a real nice option.


The weather was perfect for fishing in the morning.  Overcast, a 10 mph wind, and temps around 70 were great conditions.  At lunch time a front passed with wind from the opposite direction and clearing skies.  The fish responded accordingly.  Caught 20 in the morning before the front, and only 7 after that.  Water temps were 71-73 all day.  Most of my morning fish were caught on a bone Livingston pro sizzle (have you heard that before) and a white yellow magic.  Nothing on frogs or buzzbaits.  The afternoon bite was in the brush with a c-rigged fluke and a t-rigged zoom ol' monster 10" worm.


The fish quality in this lake is impressive.  my biggest 2 were 5.7 and 5.3, but i had many others in the 3-4 pound range.  I harvested only 4, and even they were 12-13 inches.  solid healthy fish that fight really hard.


The lake has a lot of black moss around the edge; i'm sure this was healthy green a month ago, but now it is decaying and gets on everything.  It'll probably be completely gone in another few weeks.  The lower end of the lake and the dam area did not have any structure that i saw on my graphs.  The upper half of the lake is loaded with brush and stumps.  most of the stumps are just below the water and easy to get stuck on (1st hand experience!!).  i caught most of my fish in the upper end, including the 2 big ones.  The best deep spot i found is on the side of the lake where the houses are located, and just out from the big dead tree that is still standing on the bank.  There is a ton of brush in that area, and the fish were there too.


Great addition to the club, and I definitely plan on going back.  Probably will leave my boat at home, though, and use the pontoon.  sure wish there was a concrete ramp there.


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Murrie Holland


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Great report, James.

Thanks for your recommendation on the bone colored Livingston pro sizzle.  I had never owned one until you mentioned it, and I used it earlier this fall on Indian Hollow Ranch and did well with it there.  My question for you is do you pretty much only use the larger size pro sizzle?  I threw the larger one at Indian Hollow and the thing casts a half mile.  I noticed there is a Junior version, and I just wondered if you had also used it and generally what you think about the smaller version?


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James Stewart

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i only use the larger size; i have another one that is white on the bottom and green on top.  it works good too.  wish i knew if the transmitter inside is the key, or would any bone "zara spook" type bait work.  i tend to go to a lake with the livingston bait on one rod and a yellow magic on another, and let the fish tell me which bait they prefer that day.  i say that because the YM is half the size of the Pro Sizzle, so does size (profile) make a difference?  or is it action?  or is it the transmitter?  wish i knew the answer.  


i'll probably cry if i ever lose the pro sizzle i have.  i should probably try to find another one for a backup.