Triple J July 2024

Jul 10 2024

Eric Sciara


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Reservation Number : 40434
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 07/10/2024 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 small crappie
Lures Used : Spinner baits, top water, chatter bait, plastic worm, shad rap, Mepps.

Disappointing day here, only catch was a small crappie. Very strange as there weren’t ANY strikes (exception was the 1 crappie), not even any bumps. Fished shallow, deep and everything in between. Used multiple colors and types of lures including 2 different spinner baits, top water Rapala, chatter bait, plastic worm, swim bait, Rapala Shad Rap and caught the crappie on a Mepps. Got there before sun was up, got on the water at sun rise and fished for about 4 hours. Disappointing morning, don’t look to go back here until some better reports show up.

Jul 10 2024

Steve Alexander


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I know that is dissapointing for sure. Triple J is one of the top 10 most consistent lakes in the club for the past 25 years. You can almost always count on triple J to produce 10-20 2-4 lb bass in a morning or afternoon of fishing. Even the most consistent lakes have a stinker once in awhile.  Maybe next time!