Tough day, but I knew that already

Jul 10 2024

John Freeman

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 40425
Property Name : Pecan Gap
Reservation Date : 07/09/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 4 bass-largest 4lb 10oz
Lures Used : Swimbait and ?????????

I don't go out in extreme heat like I used when I was younger, but when I see temps especially with rain involved in July be a little more cooperative I couldn't help but go. Beryl kinda skirted more east than I hoped so it took the rain with it. I figured the situation would tough 

Got to the lake at sunup. Went o my usual spot at daylight and got a 3lb 14oz. In winter there are usually a couple bigger there. Late morning I was by the west feeder point, had a fish get me down in the brush and she wasn't goin to budge  I gave her a little slack to try to ease her out but she had other plans broken me off  

I got to go home for lunch as I live fairly close to the Gap and forgot my sandwich  

after lunch I only got a couple bites, but no serious takers  about 6pm I got a 3lb 1oz  Didn't get the 4lb 10lz until I was on my last pass  chose the shoreline south of the dock  she came about midway on the run  

Owner doing lots of construction out there  I think he is building a house.  There was some bulldozing happening .  Also noticed the west neck was modified I guess when the water got low

Anyway water temp 81-86 and via stained 18-24”  

tight line y'all!!!!!

Jul 10 2024

Steve Alexander


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Yes, the owner is building a home near the lake. He needed about 50 truckloads of dirt to level the slab and pulled the dirt from a shallow end of the pond. It was a great win/win. The lake got the benefit of a deeping a really shallow area and the house slab gets built.