whoopsies at triple a/wild card

Jun 22 2024

Jason Lee


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Reservation Number : 40253
Property Name : Little A Lake
Reservation Date : 06/21/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2
Lures Used : popmax

so excited to hit this place. got my kayak all rigged up, arrived at sun up, ready to launch only to realize that… i forgot my oars. that was my first ‘oops’. second oops was that i was that i mistook wild card for a different smaller pond. was there for a few hours and was probably the best fishing i’ve ever had in my life. finally got it all sorted out and went to triple a by noon. walked around tried a few things, but was hard to fish from the shore, especially with the water being very clear.

went to wild card and fished the perimeter. water’s less clear. lost a few on wacky rig and broke off with an underspin. caught a good 4lber during sunset with a popmax. 

driving back i saw some big blow ups at double a, so i think that’s where im going to go next