3 Strikes and out

Jun 22 2024

Greg Ewbank


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Reservation Number : 39918
Property Name : K Bar Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/22/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2 LMB under 14 in
Lures Used : Rattle trap

Arrived at K-Bar with my son and could not find the boat at Golden Lake. Surprised as I had fished the lake a few weeks ago and knew where it was kept.  we walked the entire lake in case it had floated off. We saw a shorter Jon boat on Raymond Lake so decided to fish there. After two hours of no strikes and with water rising in the boat from a leak mid ship we decide to fish the shore of Golden Lake.  Ran into the property owner who said his friends were fishing Golden Lake with no luck last week and dragged the 14 foot Jon boat to another lake and put a hole in that boat. 
For the day we had three total strikes landing two culls all strikes were on a rattletrap. 
Will need to confirm that there is a working boat here before fishing again.