First Time at The Bluffs June 14

Jun 16 2024

Ford Rhodes


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I've been wanting to try this place since I became a member. Water was pretty clear and grass wast terribly problematic. Water temp was in the eighties as soon as I launched at 7AM so that probably wasn't helping me.Weather was not on my side and I knew that going in, but was hopeful. I ended up not catching anything at all, but I did see multiple fish I would consider "big". Nearly every cast there would be at least two followers in the four or five pounds range, all over the lake. I saw several fish I would guess to be around six or seven pounds, and one longer fish I think was probably nine pounds or so. Typically really clear days aren't that great for really large glide baits because fish won't come up the last couple feet to strike. I think this is because fish in clear water adapt to avoid birds of prey or they get picked off before they get to the size I'm after.  I definitely want to go again when the weather cools a bit. I know there are tanks in there.

Jun 20 2024

Steve Alexander


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I love that you stayed committed to the big Glide bait. Go big or go home. 99% of fisherman would have bailed when they weren’t eating big baits. We spoke to the group who fished 2 days after you did with tradional tackle, they caught 60 with 44 16” and smaller (2.5 lbs) and two over 6 lbs. But, I know you are looking for those 8 lb+ fish. We have had a few 8’s out of Terrell this year and a bunch of 7’s. But nothing over 9 lbs this year. There are a handful in there. We added another 56,000 shad and 500 lbs of Tilapia this Spring/Summer. We added 2500 pure Florida bass last week to keep the gene pool heavily Florida.  

We lost the first generation of giants (8-10 lb bass) in 2022 to Otters. The owner killed 21 otters in 2022. But the next group of bass are 6-7 lbs and a few are 8’s and 9’s, and they are coming on strong. I think we will have some 10’s by 2025. 

The Lake closes for the summer June 30th. Plan to reopen October 1st