Yet ANOTHER excellent Cody Ranch Group trip - 2nd one this year!

Jun 10 2024

Zach Milwood


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Reservation Number : 40015
Property Name : Acker Lake
Reservation Date : 06/07/2024 All Day - 06/09/2024 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : TONS!
Lures Used : flashy spinner, senko, topwater frogs, zakos

What can I say about this trip that I haven’t said before?  Great fishing, great food, exceptional comraderie and fellowship.  For this full trip of 12 members, we started off the right way, which is a Thursday night dinner at Gonzalez’s Restaurant in town.  Once we got to the lakes Friday, we saw that the vegetation and pads are stil an issue with most of the lakes.  I was there in late April and the problem was bad then; I think all the rain we’ve had recently has only exacerbated the situation.  Upper and Lower Hart in particular only have about 40-50% open water, so we were chopping some salad with our trolling motors!  We caught a ton of fish over the three days, harvested almost 90, but more importantly, we had great fellowship and got to meet some new people! 

Some interesting things about this trip:

We disturbed a skunk nest underneath the club boat at Acker.  Thankfully no one got sprayed, but the momma skunk was definitely not one to trifle with!

Not one, not two, but THREE rods were donated to the lakes of Cody Ranch.  So if they ever dry up completely, could the rods please be returned?  :-)

Rabbits have no shame.  We witnessed the mating act right out in the open behind the Lodge. 

Not that it is particularly interesting, but the fish & hush puppy fry totally rocked!  Those of you who have not been on this trip yet – you’re missing out!

All in all, a wonderful trip with a great group of gentlemen.  While nothing over 5lbs was caught, we didn’t care because we were too busy having fun and catching tons.