Fairfield Harding Lake 5/17

May 20 2024

Michael Johnson


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My daughter and I got out at sunrise. Top water was doing well, with my daughter catching with a whopper plopper, and me using a frog. Fish were on the banks, and my daughter caught a 4-5 on the plopper just casting to the middle of the lake! Winfred, the landowner and consummate host, called me to say that he was dropping off an extra battery in case we needed it. It rained hard the day before, and the water level had raised, and the bass were in a bit of a funk. I wish that I had brought a fly rod, because there are some very large bluegill in the lake that were going after bugs on the surface at midday. We got a few more bass on crank baits here and there, and waited for the evening bite. All the fish we caught were real quality fish, with very few dinks. The lake has submerged weeds around the edges 1-5 feet down, and in the evening, we fished flukes over the weed beds for more quality fish. The property and the guest house are amazing, and I highly recommend staying at the guest house! Probably caught around 25, and considering the increased water levels, I thought that was pretty good. I highly recommend!