Another great Cody Ranch Group trip is in the books!

Mar 25 2024

Zach Milwood


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Reservation Number : 38876
Property Name : Acker Lake
Reservation Date : 03/22/2024 All Day - 03/24/2024 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : tons!
Lures Used : underspin swimbaits, chatterbaits

Our Spring Cody Ranch trip was a great success, despite fighting wind and rain most of the weekend (and 41 degree temps on Friday)!  The lakes were full, and while the water temps are warming up, the average was about 59.  So the bass haven’t yet started their spawn.  Two baits ruled: underspin swimbaits and chatterbaits.  Topwater wasn’t a big success; guess the water wasn’t warm enough yet.  Vegetation was significantly down from our October trip, where lily pads were choking several of the lakes.  Launching boats was pretty easy with the higher water levels.

We had a (conservative) total of 196 fish caught and returned this weekend, with nearly 100 harvested.  So that’s about 300 fish caught in total!  No wonder my arm doesn’t work anymore!  :-)  The fish were healthy; no one saw any skinny or deformed bass.  However, my dad did catch a bass with only one eye!  I guess he was the Jack Elam of Cody Ranch.  Nate Draper caught the largest bass of the weekend, a 5.48. 

Mr Cody stopped by and visited with us on Friday, and as always, he is the most incredible and gracious host!  Thank you for letting us fish at your ranch – we always enjoy it!


Mar 25 2024

Scott Quigley


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Thanks for the report Zach, glad you all had a great trip!  Great to hear the lakes are full and all very fishable compared to last year, should bode well for next few months as the water temps warm up there.

Mar 26 2024

Danny Renfro

Slot Fish

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Sounds like a good time!  Steve Cody and his family are the best!