Successful Morning at China Lake

Mar 07 2024

Ryan Sipe


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Reservation Number : 38896
Property Name : China Lake
Reservation Date : 03/06/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 LMB, cull to 3.5lbs
Lures Used : Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, T-Rig, Swimsuit

Fished China Lake on 3/6.  Arrived at the front gate just after sunrise.  About halfway up the property I took right on a bend that i should’ve gone left.  After that I took a nice tour of the property until I finally figured out my error.  Big thanks to Cole for giving me a call that early assisting as well!

Got on the water by 7:45am, air temp was 51, water temp was 56.  Fished the trees next to the ramp and caught 2 culls on spinnerbait.  Headed to the trees on the south end (left of ramp) with the most productive water being 6 feet or less.  Caught most off posts near trees.  Strikes were almost immediate and they inhaled it most of the time.  Most fish were caught on the 6th sense whale 4.5” swimbait.  A few others were caught on a chatterbait or spinnerbait.  The fish are definetly starting to stage in transition zones as there wasn’t much deep.  I was planning on fishing until 3:30pm, but I got the dreaded phone call of a sick kiddo at daycare so I had to bolt at 12:15pm.  Ended up with 17 total including 12 culls, so a really productive morning.

I had to get a good laugh as when i was fishing near the bank with trees on the south end, a herd of 50+ cattle comes running into the water pretty close, so blew up that spot.

As I was fishing near the ramp before I left, the cows decided that area looked like a nice spot to settle and helped themselves.  Before I could get the kayak on the trailer, they had surrounded my car and one of them was nice enough to take a crap on one of my tow straps.  I finally had to chase them off, but laughed that these cows have 7,000 acres to roam and yet were somehow interested every area I would fish!