Rainy and windy pm trip to Sandy Creek

Feb 11 2024

Markus Castillo


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Reservation Number : 38419
Property Name : Sandy Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 02/10/2024 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13
Lures Used : Spinner baits, whopper plopper, trick worm

We arrived for the PM trip on lake 1 and had rain the whole day but brought out the rain gear and culled 3 bass with 1 crappie. We also caught 9 overs throughout the day. It was mostly on a red spinner bait colorado gold blade with 5, the whopper plopper with 3, and 1 on the shaky head trick worm on the overs. Trying get a place in the big bass tourney going on. Thanks again to the land owners and PWF.