Slow start, but still a productive day

Dec 26 2023

Kara Moss


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Reservation Number : 38136
Property Name : Harrison Ranch
Reservation Date : 12/23/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5
Lures Used : Crankbait, chatterbait, fluke, Texas rig

I started fishing this lake in early summer. At the time the vegetation was incredibly dense, but looking at the lake this  trip l, I'd think it was a different pond!  There were still some grasses, but they were submerged, and there was none at the surface like there once was.  it was a slow start to the day. I tried crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and texas riged worms without any luck. I only had a half day reservation so I gave it my best effort until the very end. unfortunately for me I got them dialed in right before my time ran out.  A fluke is what ended up being the trick!  I caught 5 in the last 30 minutes.  Three of them were around 2.5 lbs and the other two were around a pound.  I feel like if I had the full day I could've picked the lake apart more, but it was a great trip none the less!

Dec 26 2023

Mark Daugherty


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Way to stick it out until the end Kara! That's a productive final ½ hour.