Prefront visit to Bremmond

Nov 22 2023

Greg Davis


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Reservation Number : 37866
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 11/20/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 LMB 1.5- 4LBS
Lures Used : Ribbet Buzz Frog, Squarebill, Spinnerbait, Flukes

I fished Bremmond for the first time Monday afternoon from 1-5. I had intended to fish the whole day, but familly obligations came first.

Skies were overcast, 76 degrees and calm when I arrived, around 4pm with the wind picking up considerably right before I left.

Visability to 3 feet in front of the fence line, but down to 6-8 inches where the creek run off and the wind combine for an almost a solid green hue.

A few bass chasing the dragonflies when I arrived, but no takers on the frog, or skimming a spinnerbait across the top. Switched to a fluke and picked up several fish on the bank opposite of the ramp. No strikes on the luanch or dam side. As the temps started to fall and the wind picked up, I caught four fat healthy bass along the trees. Note- Changing plastic colors to watermelon red seemed to be effective as the watercolor shifted from one side of the lake to the the other. Nice property, I look forward to fishing it again after it fills up in the spring. Note I found a nice set of needle nose pliers by the ramp. Please PM me or reach out to the club, and I will make arrangments to get them to you!