Windy Grind at JerMar

Nov 21 2023

Ryan Sipe


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Reservation Number : 37893
Property Name : JerMar Lake
Reservation Date : 11/20/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11, Culls to 2.5lbs
Lures Used : Chatterbait, Senko, Fluke, Jerkbait, Spinnerbait, Squarebill, Underspin, Swim Jig

I had the day off work and booked JerMar this morning for a quick PM trip knowing the following: The wind was supposed to be 15-25mph today and it’s always windy at JerMar even on the calmest day.

Arrived at noon, 12-15mph wind, 72 degree temps, 59 degree water temp and around a foot of visibility as they got rain their last night so it was muddy.  I brought my kayak as I wanted to use the depth finder to truly understand JerMar. I wish the property owners had a camera out there to witness me trying to launch and get this kayak out of the water.  Used the spillway and figured my SUV would be too low to drive in so had to disconnect the trailer and launch.  Slipped and slided but got it in.  Fished the west side in my normal spots that usually deliver fish and no dice.  I did mark fish around 17-18 feet right around the dock and onward for around 30-40 yards.

Literally threw my entire tackle box at them, but had zero bites or fish on anything besides the fluke in Ice or Blue ice color.  Finally caught a few near the first cove on the fluke.  Caught a few more on the Westside and at the far end then worked up the East side with a few more here and there.  Not sure what it is about JerMar, but I swear I miss more fish here than any other lake.  Caught 11 in total, and easily missed that many.  Had 3-4 blowups swimming the fluke across the top of the grass and none of them would connect.  Almost every fish was caught in 4-6 feet on the outside edge of the grassline.

After hauling that darn kayak/trailer up the spillway, I was beat.  Left around 4pm. Driving home I was thinking I was bummed only catching 11 and missing so many, but then thought, 11 on many lakes is a heck of a day.  Thanks to the PWF owner for letting us fish here.

Nov 26 2023

Jerry King


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Ryan – if you are up to bank fishing try the Beaver Lake on west side by the first dam.  Lots of small bass around 1 lb. eager to take your bait.  I have caught 6 in 30 minutes and missed as many late in the day.  I am tempted to start harvesting, cleaning, eating or freezing them.  Kind of fun and not much work.  You can even use the bench but be careful getting on that platform.  They are fighters just not big.  I am sure with harvesting there are bigger ones there or will be. Jerry K