Beautiful afternoon with some fighters

Nov 20 2023

Darrell Collier


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Reservation Number : 37867
Property Name : Salt Lick Lake
Reservation Date : 11/18/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13 up to 4lbs.
Lures Used : Gold/orange Rogue, char/white chatter bait, ratltrap, wacky, med square bill

Gorgeous afternoon on Salt Lick.  First trip out there and was able to fish with my oldest son for a few hours. Eric met us on the way in and was super nice and got the gates for us.     

We hit the water around 12:20 and immediately caught a couple right by the launch.  Worked clockwise around the shore.  When we hit the NW corner about 30 min later, my son saw a shad ball and we cast straight into it.  He landed a nice 4.0 (photo attached) and I had a 3+ at the same time.  We kept going around the lake, but effectively caught nothing til we got back to the west end, then got into them again. We hit Beaver dam on east end pretty hard w multiple techniques, but nothing. We had to end the day short around 4, so I know we missed some great late afternoon fish.   We will be back.  Eric, thank you again for being so nice and opening your property up to the club.  PWF, well done.