Grain Bin Lake

Nov 07 2023

Craig Awtrey


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Reservation Number : 37725
Property Name : Grain Bin Lake
Reservation Date : 11/05/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 8 total up to 3lbs, 3 culled
Lures Used : swimjig, ned rig, wacky rig

This property is easy to get to, and the scenery was very pleasant. The barge is massive and a great fishing platform.

The morning started off pretty well, I had two 3lb fish within the first hour. I caught two more in the morning, and then went blank the rest of the day. My guest was able to land fish in the AM and PM, but nothing over 2lbs.

The wind was not friendly and kept gusting all day. The barge handled the wind surprisingly well, but without anywhere to tie off, we moved around all day.

There is a surprising amount of vegetation. With the wind gusting, I was unable to succesfully pull anyone out using a variety of techniques.