Beautiful Day with some nice fish At Grain Bin

Nov 03 2023

Ryan Sipe


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Reservation Number : 37711
Property Name : Grain Bin Lake
Reservation Date : 11/02/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9 LMB, culls to 3.5lbs
Lures Used : Chatterbait, squarebill, shakeyhead, Weightless Senko, Mini A-Rig

First time fishing Grain Bin, only had time for a PM session.  Arrived at noon and brought the kayak; I’m glad I did as the spotlock was a huge help with the wind being 12-15mph with heavier gusts.  The barge/boat on property would’ve been a nightmare to navigate in that wind.  Air temp was 57 and water temp was 58.

Fished all the way back in cove to the right of the boat launch figuring I’d find a few back there looking for an easy meal, but no nice.  Caught a nice one in the second little jetty on a Z-Man Chatterbait with a gold blade and watermelon trailer.  Lost another and just kept hopping around the lake.  They just got rain as the fields still had standing water, but the lake is a few feet low like everywhere else.  Almost every fish was caught in 5 feet or less and most in 2-3 feet.

The lake has some huge drop offs going from 3 feet to 20 feet in no time.  I marked a lot of fish in the 12-15 foot zone but couldn’t get them to bite anything.  Also, the bite died around 3pm with nothing until I left at 4:30pm.

Overall 9 fish with 3 being culls.  The 6 overs were all very strong, super healthy and fun fights.  I enjoyed the lake and will go back when I have a full day and the wind isn’t gusting.

Also, what weather app does everyone use?  I’ve always used Weather Bug as it’s generally been consistent, but lately with the wind it’s been way off.