Acker Lake OKC trip

Oct 08 2023

Steve Scanlon


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Headed up North to Acker lake in Coalgate and overall wasn't disappointed.

Scott Wheeler and I got up night before and stayed at The Lodge on Cody Ranch – totally worth it.  If you want to be in water early, this is the spot. Easily sleeps 8 guys, kitchen, amenities you need / want.  Cooked steaks on functional grill on porch – has all needed.

We jumped on water first thing – didn't take the frog action, but chased most of the day.  Underspin, fluke activity caught a few, nothing of size.  The flooded timber make for intersting play, and the fish are certainly in there.  Most hits coming in mid-water column, 4/6 feet deep.  No interest in Tx rig or jig.

25 total – 6 culled – 1 – 3 lb rest of bag.  Scott and I expected some bigger fish based on when stocked – but didn't find any.