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Sep 26 2023

Ford Rhodes


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Reservation Number : 37380
Property Name : Bennett Lake
Reservation Date : 09/26/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 bass 10.5lbs
Lures Used : Deps 250

I got to the front of the property way before sunup. When the light came over the horizon I saw a tree has fallen and is blocking the entrance road. I was able to drive around it. Several smaller trees are in the road further down. They should be passable because I flattened them. One of the big trees by the house also fell.

I saw a couple bass early, but no lunck. The weeds are still choking the shallow half of the lake. I fished all around the deeper part and had a small one get off. I was just about to leave when I saw a bass moving around the stump in the middle of the lake. It saw me and I started to move away to see if he'd forget I was there and I could try again, but decided that since nothing has but in my first meticulous go around I wasn't going to go around the lake again. I threw last the stump thinking I would try to let my bait sink and move it past the stump again when I saw a swirl. I didn't feel the fish bite, but I had one. I'd guess about six or seven pounds. I hadn't bothered to move my net to where I could reach it because I thought I wasn't going to catch anything. So I bend down to grab this hefty guy and he throws the bait. I was pretty upset because I haven't even been fishing in months, much less actually catching. I decided to keep casting a little longer even though I was pretty sure I'd just missed the one good fish that was willing to bite. Give it another hour. I figured. I was between the dick and the point opposite it throwing perpendicular to the stumls when I see another swirl where my bait is. It didn't feel big, but I was happy to have a bite. When it comes up about seven feet from my kayak I see this fish is at least two feet long. I grab my net that I'd repositioned and scooped! Annnnd the net twisted around because I hadn't tightened it. I dropped the net and grabbed the fish and held it to the floor of the kayak. I apparently grabbed a treble too, but I wasn't letting that fish go. I hadn't turned my trolling motor off so it had taken me to the bank. Of course I forgot to put my scale in the kayak so I had to go get it. 10.5lbs and 25.5 inches. My second double digit ever she swam away fine afterwards.

Sep 28 2023

Dale Pybus

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Congratulations on landing such a great fish. 

Sep 29 2023

Chris Casner

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Originaly Posted By Dale Pybus

Congratulations on landing such a great fish. 

A bad day can turn into a great day real quick. Congrats on DD.  

Oct 02 2023

Steve Alexander


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That lake kicks out 1 or 2 10 lb+ bass every year. Great job. Super happy for you!