Slow morning..Hot afternoon.

Sep 25 2023

John Little


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First time at this awesome lake with member Tyler Bailey. In AM, targeted the obvious places…banks, weed beds,islands..lucked out on 7lbr with Lucky 13. We caught another 9 with 5 culls. Took a long lunch break from the heat…catch some football in town. Got back on the water about 3:30. Temp at 100. Started to figure the lake out with the clear skies. We found a couple of area’s in the main basin on the north end that had schooling bass at 8-10 ft. Using silver/blue rattle trap and heavy weight with two ft trailer of weightless swimbait…pulled out 15 or so doing that plus found a few schools chasing minnows on the surface and caught 5-10  more doing that….all in the open water of that basin. Tyler caught a chunky 5lbr on Zara Spook later. Total we caught about 46-50…culled 20. Lots in the 17-19 inch range. This lake is LOADED with bait…schools of minnows and perch everywhere and thousands of small tan frogs all over the weed beds. Lake about a foot low. The best boat launch and dock I’ve seen plus is lighted to aid in loading up after fishing. We put the morning culls in the live well on the dock and while at lunch, three jumped out and flopped back into the lake…could use a cover. See a couple of pics of the big bass.