Crazy day at Timber Lake

Sep 18 2023

Ben Pierce


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Reservation Number : 37305
Property Name : Timber Lake
Reservation Date : 09/17/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 39 over 14 inches 12 under and removed Biggest fish 3 1/2 LBS
Lures Used : wacky worm, chatter, frog shaky head

This was my second trip to Timber lake, got there at 7:20 AM  and left at 2:30pm and the bite was on fire until around 11:30 and it slowed down. The first time I went there I only caught big fish in the 3-5lb range but this time it was alot of 2-2 ½ lb fish with a few in the 3 pounds range. 

There was multiple spots were I caught 3-5 in a row and a few times fish would sit under my Kayak and wait for me to drop a lure in their face to eat it but they were mainly the small ones.

All the fish were located on the trees that were shallow, could not get a bite out on deep trees or the deeep areas of the pond. I think in a month or so once its gets cooler this lake will be on fire and the big one will be eating! I definitly will be back here

The lake is completely full you can access the very backs of the creek and the water visibily was about 36in+ 

Sep 20 2023

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for the harvest!!