fun and interesting day at Six O

Sep 04 2023

Raymond McKinney


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Reservation Number : 37161
Property Name : Six O Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/03/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 culls, 6 returns to 20"
Lures Used : plastics

I got there early but the swallows and a racoon had made quite a mess of the boat. i cleaned it up best i could with what i had to work with, both before fishing and more thoroughly after. Its not perfect but a heckuva lot better than it was. Lake is down a couple of feet, but shoreline openings and grass locations still essentially the same. Started a drift and picked up onesies on top water, a jerk bait, and a tx rig until the sun cleared the horizon. One of the things i really love about this lake is that it pretty much fishes differently each time you are there. So you get to find em, see what they want, then how they want it. Always interesting. Your good spots last month probly arent your good spots this month, and they weren’t. After the sun was good and up it was texas rig worms, wacky rigged senkos, and soft jerkbait (fluke style). And, they were no longer shallow but out in10’ to 12’ of water in that deep grass. About 11:30 they quit biting anything but a yamamoto d-shad. They wouldnt touch a fluke or caffiene shad of identical pattern and presentation, but would hammer that d-shad. Go figure. It got pretty hot by1 or so and i had plenty and caught some good ones, so decided to call it. 

i remain ever grateful to this ranch owner and to PWF for making this lake, that is so awesome and close to me, available to fish and enjoy. The ranch, the fishery and the accomodations are exceptional. I always try to leave it better than i found it and i did so yesterday as well. thank you again.

Sep 05 2023

Steve Alexander


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 Gods clean up crew (racoons) can be messy creatures. We will ask the owner to take a look. Appreicate your efforts to help clean the boat. Thanks a bunch!!!