Pretty Good Day

Aug 29 2023

Jim Curry


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A couple of weeks ago I went out to Bremmond with my dad it was a really windy day but still had some luck. I noticed that the water level went down like 3 feet since I was last there in may and if you are trying to load the boat in there I would reccomend bringing some cardboard to stand on so you don't sink in the mud. Besides the wind we fished the opposite side of the launch area and found lots of top water action over there on whopper ploppers. After the sun came out we switched to some chatterbaits and spinnerbaits which both worked. At about 10 we stopped kayak fishing and I went to go fish around the shore for about 45 minutes and caught 4 on a chatter bait. Overall we caught about 15 and the biggest one was about 4 pounds.