Good morning at MK Ranch

Aug 19 2023

Markus Castillo


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Reservation Number : 37134
Property Name : MK Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/19/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 8
Lures Used : Zoom june bug u tail

Got started around 6:15 am and only had one on a glide bait up to around 9:15 until I found the bait for the day after lots of changes. I used the zoom june bug u tail and got 7 more. 1 was almost 5 lbs, 4 were low 4 lbs, 2 in the 3 lbs and 1 almost 3 lbs. Caught most of them by the big tree in the middle slowly moving the worm. The bass were fighting hard and definitely healthy as they were some fatties. Thanks again to the land owner and PWF.

Aug 20 2023

John Freeman

Slot Fish

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Nice day on the lake. Glad it was productive.