Good bite on 103 degree 15mph breeze

Aug 10 2023

Charlie Rice


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LMB -30 (5 culls) rest 14” to 20”.  Made my second trip out here on spur of the moment decision last night.  Came last week to check it out for quick scout and wanted to try it again.  Got to water just at first light, put the trolling motor on the pontoon and took off.  Started with top water spook and caught a few but was slow considering the monster blowups all around me.  I quickly dialed in on them with Texas rig after 7:30 ish.  The far side bank  of the pond is really shallow so majority of fish were caught in 2-5’ from bridge back to landing on the house side.  Wind was tough holding spots so bank fished after it picked up and did good from 10:30am til noon.  Bite stopped pretty much after that.  Would also help if i had brought my sinker box with me cause i ran out of anything over 1/8th oz around 11 and wind kept it tough keeping plastic down.  Fish were holding tight to the first and second weed lines.  Threw rattletrap and crank bait but had zero bites.   Also hit some deeper water with c rig but they weren't having it.  Place is beautiful with large rolling hills, watched deer and bald eagles all morning.