Grass and driving

Aug 09 2023

Charlie Rice


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Hit this lake last week on 8/2 or 8/3 for first time.  Got out there before light so had hard time finding lake.  Once i did i had some time to read the latest reports on it (which i should of done prior) to see majority of lake was grassed out.  There was only around ¾ acre of fishable water in the middle.  Fish were very aggressive but all small and just not enough water to fish.  If you want to catch a bunch of shorts on frog bite this is ideal but shouldn't be fished until weed issues are resolved.  The guys at PWF were nice enough to get me over to the place in Bryant to check out so i loaded my gear up and drove there.  Super nice area and pretty lake.  It was noon and 1000 degrees so i just hit the bank for 30-45 mins and managed a few (22” on second cast).  Lots of driving for few hours of fishing but nice to check out 2 new spots. I plan to go back to Bryant.