Fun Morning on China

Jul 16 2023

Mike Adel


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Reservation Number : 36917
Property Name : China Lake
Reservation Date : 07/15/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : (32) under slot; (10) 1-2 lbs; (2) over 3 lbs; (2) over 4 /lbs
Lures Used : spinner baits, 3'-6' crank baits

Nice overcast day for my brother and I, got there early to throw topwater – a few small ones, no size on top.  Spent the bulk of the morning focusing on the deep half of the lake, caught most fish around timber with 10-ft water nearby –  lots of small ones off of grass beds and in the tops of the timber (we could have caught 70-80 fish if we stayed in these areas).  Bigger fish were stubborn & scattered, almost all fish were caught on cranks & spinnerbaits.  Only perch hits & dinks on plastics.

Overall fun day – good numbers, some size, and beautiful property.

Jul 16 2023

John Freeman

Slot Fish

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That is a fun lake with everything bass love. Glad you had a good day. I know I will visit there again a couple times over the fall n early winter. That lake will be really good the next few years as the fish get bigger.