Confusion at Twin Oaks

May 30 2023

Ryan Copeland


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Reservation Number : 36513
Property Name : Twin Oaks
Reservation Date : 05/29/2023 PM - 05/30/2023 AM
Total Fish/Sizes : zero
Lures Used : craw/senko/frog/crank bait/spinner bait/chatter bait

Stumped here.  We have fished this pond 2x before and killed it!  Yesteday, zero bites.  Only fished from 1-4;30pm.  Realize it could have picked up later but too frustrated.  The water was up significantly since last time I fished it.  

We suspect bass moved into thick vegitation and were just off. We tried froging and a craw in the veg but got nothing!  The water did feel very warm.  If anyone else has a suggestion I’m all ears!  

May 30 2023

Joshua Massoud


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I’ve been more attuned to monitoring oxygen levels in a pond as an influence over bass behavior this year and what I’ve seen is that the first couple of days of clouds after sun tend to be very good and if it persists, the fishing tends to slow down signficantly as plankton/vegetation starts to consume oxygen rather than produce it (and plankton starts to die off).  This is especially sensitive in a rising water situation as you have a lot of stuff entering the water then starting to decompose.  They will back off and suspend away from vegetation and as the plankton starts to decompose, they will stay off the bottom.  Nothing to worry about per se, just influences feeding behavior. 

I’ve also seen bass eat more at night in the summer as the moon phases to full (which it is currently doing). 

This is complete speculation based on observation – without testing dissolved oxygen, it is impossible to know.

Sometimes we fish and they just don’t bite.  I’ve always said that with FL genetics sometimes you fart in the wind the wrong direction and they turn off.