Bring a boat, no bank fishing

May 29 2023

Jason Fullmer


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I  made it out to Blackjack 5/28. 

Weather – partly sunny, moderately windy but managable 

Fished 3-7pm

Caught -15 Bass 0.5 to 3lbs

I fished from my Kayak. This lake has had a history of alot of aquatic vegetation in the Summer.  There’s a pretty thick layer around the edges of the lake.  The vegetation extends from the shallow end to just passed the dock.   There is still a pretty good fishable area left, but there’s no bank fishing.    The best luck was on wacky senko fished at the edge of the weeds.  Most fish were caught at the end closest to the dock. I didn’t have much luck along the dam.  I caught a couple on a Ribbit Frog.  No luck with anything deep.  Fun afternoon.