Good Day on Bennett

May 29 2023

Ron Dupree


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Fellow member John Shepard and I fished Bennett lake Saturday 5/27 from 7 am till about 4 pm with much success despite the challenges. Calm winds, crystal clear water, and very heavy vegetation on all of the lake except where the depths reached 16 ft and over and there were still hints of vegetation on the bottom in those depths. What worked best was popping a weightless fluke or small speed craw in the open water near the clumps of vegetation. On the deep end just let the bait flutter down to the bottom and pop it a little. John had some success with a parrot colored sqarebill that was so pretty the bass could not resist, throwing it in the less dense vegetation in open water but close enough to the clumps they would see it and go for it. Water was so clear if you followed the bait as it neared the boat you could see them take it. 

Water was a little above full pool you could hear water running in the drain on the dam, water temp was 78 deg i believe. The old boat is still in pretty good shape no leaks but there was a big ant bed to deal with when we flipped it over. The road near the gate is pretty washed out but manageable with a 4 wheel drive or high profile vehicle. There are some branches close enough to the road near the gate that will scratch the paint finish so be carefull if you have a pretty new truck, may want to take some shears and do a little pruning. 

I really love this property but it needs some TLC.

We managed to catch 62 bass culling 22 and 1 crappie. most of the bass were 14-17 inch range but i did catch a 23 ¼ inch near the dam. 

We were also joined by a family of three, a father, mother or girlfriend and a teenage boy who rode up o a 4 wheeler on the eastside of the lake and fished what they could there then rode over the dam to the house and fished around the docks. We did not say anything but i dont think this was the first time they have done this.

Jun 09 2023

Ford Rhodes


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I’d be very put out if random people showed up out there. Sounds off putting.