Twin Oaks did not disappoint!!

May 29 2023

Greg Robinson


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Reservation Number : 36465
Property Name : Twin Oaks
Reservation Date : 05/28/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14 Bass
Lures Used : spinner bait, shallow running crankbait, soft plastics

Arrived at 5:30 PM and fished until 8:30. Lake is pretty much at capacity. Visibility is about three feet and water temp is 79.There are big patches of hydrilla around the lake but still plenty of fishable water. Threw a variety of baits with two being caught a spinner bait,but the what they really wanted was frogs!! i was catching them on the edge of the grass line on the bank in about 4 foot of water. Landed 14 with the biggest being 3.5 and all but four were between 2 and 2.5. Fish are very healty and seem to be well fed. I missed several more from them short striking and only grabbing the legs of my frogs. I was hoping for some topwater action at dusk, but it wasnt meant to be. Culled the four under the limit.Another great day on club waters