Bass have parasites on them

May 28 2023


Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 36490
Property Name : Alysha Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/27/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25
Lures Used : Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Squarebill, Swimbait, Jig

Went to Alysha at the last moment because it was available this weekend. We’ve always had a good time at this property. Brought the fiberglass boat but I was too nervous about getting it stuck. Launched a jonboat & trailer before but never a fiberglass at this property. I haven’t been here since last year I can recall. The grass and moss has taken over the back side. The fishing can be done from the fenceline to the dam. This was a numbers lake but the fish seemed to be a little evasive this trip. I remember catching them mainly on spinnerbaits. I had to slow down and use plastics. Water was stained. When they did bite, they would hit and run hard. The majority were 2-3#. Most were caught 30 yards out from the pier or the left corner of the dam. Nothing of size caught. I don’t think I ever saw parasites on the bass at Alysha before. Most had the parasites on the head and stomach region. I just thought they were spots. But if I looked closely, I can see them sqirming around on the head and stomach. Some had more than others. Kinda reminded me of my pitbull having an allergic reaction on his back, lol. Does anyone know what they are?

Thank you owner and PWF!

May 28 2023

Joshua Massoud


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Those are yellow grubs – they are a parasite that comes from snails.They will attach to egret feet as they travel from waterbody to waterbody.  Redear will eat the snails that cause them which is why they are desired as part of the sunfish mix for pond stocking.  Not really anything to overly worry about and an updated stocking of redear will clear most of it out.  If there was an aggressive infestation and no redear, then it will afflict a larger amount of fish and be a problem.