Rough Road, Tough Fishing

May 28 2023

Mike Adel


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Reservation Number : 36483
Property Name : Rooks Lake
Reservation Date : 05/27/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 total; 4 under 1 lb., 3 around 2 lbs
Lures Used : crankbaits, spinner bait - light colors

Couldn’t get our truck in on the road to the dam/launch, way too wet.  Found an alternate way in – and started fishing around 7am.  Went to work to find some structure, channels, etc & figure out a pattern.  No action on top, went to shallow cranks in sexy shad color and caught our first fish aound 8:30 near the rocky point that juts out into the main portion of the lake.  Turns out all 7 of our fish were caught near the 10-12 foot channel that runs adjacent to the rocky point.  There and a sand bar/island that is 30 or so feet out & parallel to the rocky point.  We worked hard for those 7 fish – nothing on plastics/creature baits, 1-2 fish on a white/chartreuse spinner, the rest on shallow cranks coming off the island or rocky point.  Nothing on cranks that ran deeper than 3-4 feet.  Strange.

Rest of the pond, as described, was 5-7 feet deep with no bottom structure or anything that seemed to hold fish.  

We’re going to wait for the road in to get some big improvements before going back, maybe earlier in the year next spring – several good looking creeks that might hold fish during spawn/pre-spawn.