Gettin’ jiggy with it

May 28 2023

Mike Nicoloff

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 36432
Property Name : Salt Lick Lake
Reservation Date : 05/27/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 21
Lures Used : Jig

Hit the water a little after 10am, partly cloudy for most of the day and water was dead calm.  For once it was nice that I didn't have to fight the wind and anchor with every cast but the clear water (~4ft of vis) and dead calm water made it tough as the bass hunkered down in the weeds or out deep.  Thick and healthy vegetation around the entire lake now, starting from shore out to the 11ft drop-off. The green algae still on the wood hasn't died off yet but signs of thinning.

Played around and experimented with deep cranking (500dd) and hover rig, but not that productive.  I ended up using a ½ oz jig for the rest of the time looking for bigger bites.  Ended up with over 20 bass for the day, largest at 4lbs 3oz.   Lost a couple larger jumping bass at the kayak that probably would have hit the heavy 3 to 4lbs marker.    

As stated in previous report, solid forage through the lake and over the last month Eric added 40k shad to SL, 20k in Blue and 15k in Long.  I was able to snap a pic this time of a smaller school of forage and when you find one you can pick it apart and usually a couple nice bass and crappie sitting nearby. I did see one nice boil in the middle of the lake as I was heading out and I was too late to catch any bass busting the school.