Slow day at Hat & Star

May 26 2023

Gary Guinn


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Reservation Number : 36442
Property Name : Hat and Star Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/25/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14 / 1.5- 2.5
Lures Used : rattle trap, swim bait

I fished afternoon trip today and it was a challenge.  It was probably an hour before I caught me first fish. I tried shallow for a while caught a couple all small fish today. I have fished this lake dating back to 2012 and first time 0 overs. Largest caught  was a little over 15” everything else smaller. Hat and Star is one of my favorites but today was just an off day and I fished hard. Caught some fish on swim baits in about 9’ around stumps and a few on rattle traps in deeper water  18-25. Water is warming up 85-88. Will be back another time.