A boatload of fish

May 24 2023

R J Macalanda


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Total bass: ~120 / culled: 65 / largest: 4.5lbs 

Had a great time at this lake. Used the concrete boat ramp to launch a full sized bass boat with no issues.

 It's very secluded in the forest and no outside noise at all. Although it rained nearly the whole time, the bass bite was consistently on fire. We did a few laps around the lake and every side had fish.

We were using chatterbaits, Texas rigs, large swimbaits, topwaters, and all got hits. Biggest fish was caught on a Jawtec sultan on a brush pile about 10 feet away from the dam. Most were caught on a KO shad casting into the pads and walking it back.

There was a GIANT blow up to the left of the dock on the opposite side of the ramp. It was so loud you could hear it echo through the whole property. Still think that 9lber still lives in here. 

Most fish were keepers and we stopped culling when the livewell was full. The bigger fish were further in the center of the lake but the smaller ones were stacked in the vegetation. 

Overall, had a great time and would highly recommend anyone to fish this lake.