Bray Toby Lake

May 24 2023

Chris Hamon


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Reservation Number : 36392
Property Name : Toby Lake
Reservation Date : 05/21/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 2-3.5 lbs. 13 4-5lbs. 4- 5-6lbs. 2-6.5 lbs 1-7.8lbs
Lures Used : Frog, Texas plastics, chatter baits

Fished all day with my son at Toby Lake. Second trip this year. First trip was amazing. Had to come back. Big lake for PWF.  Lake is great for sun up to sun down fishing.  Fish bite all over. You do have to find how they want to bite and where , and when you do you will be rewarded. I say we caught 40, probably more but after awhile it's hard to keep up. Fish quality here is amazing. They are FAT! Clear water with an enormous amount of moss to deal with. And it the moss that's tough as wire. Might get thought to fish this lake in the summer. On the way out of the channel, headed to the ramp, caught the last two fish of the day, 6lb 8oz and 7lb 12oz.  Pretty much after 14 hours on the water with a small lunch break, we got rewarded. Pays to stick it out. Best fish this year.  Thanks for making this amazing lake available.