Saturday, May 20th @ Triple J, Ferris - 5 Star Day at Triple J

May 22 2023

Mark Daugherty


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Reservation Number : 36241
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/20/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 26 crappie / 56 bass up to 5.9 lbs
Lures Used : Most effective were shad pattern and white squarebills and weightless T-Rig curly tail worm

Pam and I fished Triple J from about 6:30 to 4:30 under pleasant conditions with a nice northerly breeze from 7 to 12 MPH and outside temps in the 70’s. The water temp was 78F with about 20IN of viz. The lake was full and vegetation was prevalent around the shoreline and it was clumpy and stringy, but the entire lake is very fishable. We landed 82 total with 26 of those being slab crappie. In addition to the crappie we harvested 28 bass and returned 28. Most of the harvesters were around 13IN and we had a solid stringer at the top end with the top five of 5.9, 4.1, and 3 3.7s. 

The crappie and harvest bass came from the mid-section of the lake on the west side all on shad and/or white squarebills. The crappie were very aggressive often inhaling the bait. The larger bass came from the eastern perimeter and were tricked with mostly weightless T-Rig soft plastics in green pumpkin or red bug. The fish were healthy and active and we had a blast. The largest bass was perfectly proportioned at 21.5IN and 5.9LBS. 

The jon boat worked great and the drive in and out of the property was a breeze even with the heavy rain the night before. A FIVE STAR day indeed!

May 22 2023

David Felton

Slot Fish

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Way to go partner!  You guys slayed them for sure.  Congrats on a fun day of fishing.