Live Oak Creek full of water and fish!!

May 20 2023

Barry Lambert


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Reservation Number : 36382
Property Name : Live Oak Creek
Reservation Date : 05/19/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30 total fish; 14 under 14" and 16 over. Most 15-17 inches, with 2 over 3 pounds.
Lures Used : Weightless soft plastics

This was my third trip to Live Oak Creek and it has again provided a great day of fishing.  We were on the water from 7 AM until Noon.  There is a steady flow of water over the spillway.  The water is slightly stained, but clear with visibility to 4 feet.

We boated 30 fish in total with the largest being just over 3 lbs.  Three of the fish were over 3 lbs. with the average fish being about 2 lbs.  Ten of the 30 we boated were under the 14” slot and were removed.  All fish were caught on weightless Senko-type baits and flukes near the shoreline.

The first hour was slow, but once the water temps began to warm, so did the bite.  The bite was steady throughout the day. Mathematically, 30 fish over 5 hours is a fish every 10 during that time frame and I have no doubts that we could have continued if we had remained at the lake.  That pace coupled with the solid average size of the fish makes Live Oak Creek a favorite of ours.  Our catches from this visit are similar to our visit to the lake just over a year ago,  (March 19, 2022):

I cannot say enough good things about Live Oak Creek.  The lake is beautiful and full of healthy, hard-fighting fish.  Lots of vegetation throughout the lake, but it didn’t present a problem as the tops are below the surface currently.  The nearby town of Valley Mills has a couple of restaurants and convenience stores.