Sunny Day at Post Oak

May 20 2023

Wendell Vines


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Reservation Number : 36341
Property Name : Post Oak Lake
Reservation Date : 05/18/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 / up to 5.3#
Lures Used : SP, spinners, chatterbaits, lipless crankbait

Fished Post Oak on Thursday under clear skies and nearly windless day with little breezes from all points of the compass. The lake is full to the spillway with just a trickle of water going over it.  Lots of grass & weeds with quite a bit to the surface in shallower parts of the lake.  Visibolity is 2 ft or so.

Picked up bites in widely scattered areas on the deeper east end of the lake, with many in the grass or in the vicinity of the edges.  Only culled 1/3 of bass, with several 3 to 5+ lb, no dinks and a crappie. They gobbled many different types and colors of soft plastics, including some vicious strikes on frogs just before sundown.  The largest bass of the day took a yellow beetle spin - a crappie bait and the smallest lure I threw.

The place is in really good shape, wildflowers everywhere.  The new seat has been installed on the stern of the boat.